How to Choose Quality Decorative Pillows

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It seems that most every retailer sells decorative pillows these days. But how do you choose the best quality? Here is a list of some of the characteristics of high quality pillows to look for the next time you go shopping for decorative pillows.
What is the pillow fabric made of? Is it silk, polyester, cotton, or something else? Does the fabric look sturdy? Is the fabric cleanable? Does it have sequins, buttons, or anything else on it that will be uncomfortable to lay against or could be easily ripped off?

Exterior Construction

The construction of the outside will give you a good insight as to the overall quality. Make sure the pattern aligns at the seams. The pillow should be stitched on the inside all the way around, not stitched on the outside along one side, revealing inferior quality. Make sure the pillow is actually square, not almost square. Make sure the pattern is centered on the pillow. If you get 2 or more of the same pillow, make sure that the pattern is centered the same on all of the pillows.

The pillow size is also important. Just like every other product on the market, manufacturers are going smaller. Decorative pillows should be a good size, else they will look like clutter. Most square pillows for your sofa should be at least 20" square. Purchase fewer larger pillows than many smaller pillows for a designer look. 

Edge Trim
More expensive traditional pillows usually have some sort of trim on the edges, whether it is just piping or something more fancy. Make sure the seam of the trim is not very visible. Also make sure the trim is not unraveling. 

The Inside is Important
The inside of the pillow is also very important. High quality pillows have a zipper for the cover to be removed and cleaned. Most pillows are filled with either (listed from cheapest to most expensive) polyester, faux down (usually a polyester), down wrapped polyester, down & feather, or just down. If you select down, make sure the pillow insert has a sturdy cover, else you make be poked with feathers through the pillow.e incidunt molestias, vitae recusandae error ipsam

More than any other home accent, throw pillows can completely change the look of a space — updating a room for the season, or tying together a disparate color scheme — with little investment of time or money.

With thousands of colors, prints, fills and fabrics to choose from, how do you narrow down the toss pillows that will work best in your space? We’ve put together some guidelines to help you find that perfect pillow.